Wedding Dreams Postponed

You can't have a wedding with only 10 people.

Imagine a year of planning your wedding and a week before the event, the coronavirus outbreak happens, You can't have your wedding or leave the country for your honeymoon. Chelsea Roy, wedding and event planner with Everything But the Ring says it's hard on the bride and her business. Brides are coming to grips with the disappointment and heartbreaking details of postponing or canceling a wedding...and the wedding industry is coming to grips with added inventory and decreased income

Roy says these are difficult times. "This is impacting my business and in fact the entire event industry.This has just been a very overwhelming time for small business. We're just trying to do our best and get this done together. I know we'll all get through this together."

She says her vendors are working with her brides to accommodate - but not knowing when the crisis will end makes it even more difficult to re-plan.

Woman touching the wedding ring on her finger nervously while having coffee and waiting in cafe

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