Avoiding stores and shopping online is still safe

The CDC says Coronavirus on your cardboard packages lasts less than 24 hours and delivery companies are updating their procedures. Stephen Gaut of U.P.S. says, "We're trying to adapt long-standing processes to the new reality of the world today with the coronavirus impact. We want to make it easy and safe for our people and also the customers who receive of our packages."

U.P.S. developed a new way to sign for signature-required items without coming in contact with the driver or his confirmation equipment. The CDC suggests you

  1. have packages left at your front door
  2. pick them up after the driver has left
  3. wipe the package down with a disinfectant
  4. wash your hands after opening it.

Gaut says they have strict rules for their drivers. "The safeguards include, frequent hand washing, staying six feet from the person to whom they are delivering a package, to maintain good health, and if they experience any coronavirus-like symptoms to get to a doctor."

Front Door Packages

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