Are Internet Companies Ready for Extended Work from Home?

The spike in Americans working from home in response to the Coronavirus outbreak is putting pressure on internet providers and Tech companies to keep up.

Tech experts say internet service reliability and download strength are more vital now that Americans are staying home. The situation has led many to question whether internet-based companies are prepared for the long run.

“Companies are going to have to realize that, number one, this isn’t going away. Right now companies are stilling looking at this as an inconvenience,” Peter Shankman, a Tech guru, told KTRH.

“You are now putting thousands of people doing the same things they were doing from different locations that weren’t necessarily designed for that. We need to rethink how we make homes,” Shankman added.

He also believes some companies may have to consider installing high speed fiber in employees’ homes. Comcast and AT&T say they’re loosening restrictions on internet speeds. While there does not appear to be major interruptions, Shankman says more will have to be done to meet demand for data that’s used for online communication like videoconferencing.

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