Coronavirus Anxiety

The chances are slim we will be exposed to Coronavirus, but we worry anyway!

Anxiety about coronavirus is sweeping the nation, according to the American Psychological Association. .Clinical Psychologist Dr.Jeannie Whitman says . "Well...everybody else is worried about it, maybe I should be too.' Now, you see, that's the virus of fear." Dr.Whitman isn't surprised. "It's the subject of conversation. You can't go anywhere and NOT hear it. This is a period when this is ever-present in our mind - but doesn't do well for us between our ears." She says fear occurs when we are unsure of exactly what is going to happen."Fear is a response to things that are uncertain. Fear is designed to be protective."

If your anxiety level rises, Dr. Whitman suggests you unemotionally list. "We need to realize what we can do. It's good to make a list of what I CAN control and another list of what I CAN'T control." Included in your CAN control list are limiting hearing coronavirus updates, doing something nice for someone else, and laughing every chance you get.

Also...change the subject next time someone brings it up.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

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