Private Planes Fly When Major Airlines Don’t

On Sunday American Airlines, headquartered in Fort Worth, announced they are cutting back their long-haul international flights by 75% relative to last year’s numbers.

As major carriers reduce flights and slash prices people with somewhere to go are finding they can get there with chartered airlines like Thunderbird Airways, who have been operating in the Houston area for close to 30 years. Director of Operations Paul X at Hobby Airport says they saw an initial uptick in business when cases of Coronavirus were initially reported but calls have dropped off since. He says the company is making sure they planes are safe for customers. “We’ve already ramped up for taking additional precautions to clean the planes and have them disinfected. Before each passenger gets on the planes they are locked up in the hanger so there is no chance of anybody getting on board that shouldn’t be,” he tells KTRH News.

Paul says they are very proud that at this time Thunderbird Airways is still transporting organs that have been donated for transplant.

Gerneric Aircraft in flight

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