Dems might make Joe Biden disappear from view

The Democrats unified to take down Bernie Sanders. Now they might unify to keep Joe Biden from talking himself out of the nomination.

It's all because of the fact that Biden commits gaffes almost every day. Because of that, and because he looks like the presumptive nominee, Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says Biden won't be as visible as he's been.

"They want to limit his exposure. They want to limit the risk of creating a moment that could define his campaign, and give Trump something to attack him with," Mackowiak said.

So, expect shorter speeches and fewer interviews. Which will lead to questions about his health.

"There's a lot about his health we don't know. We don't know if there is an underlying issue," Mackowiak stated.

While Biden will take on Bernie Sanders in Sunday's debate, Mackowiak says he wouldn't be surprised if debates down the road are postponed.

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