Will social distancing to prevent getting coronavirus actually work?

You're hearing a lot about social distancing as a way to keep you safe from getting the coronavirus. Will it work?

If you don't know what social distancing is, it breaks down to this; you either stay at home or a safe distance away from other people Dr. Joe Galati, the KTRH Medical expert, says one one hand it makes sense. But there's a flip side.

"One question is when you start doing this. The bigger question is when do people come out and open the doors, windows, and start circulating again? That we just don't know," Galati explained.

And there's this. Thousand of people died from the flu this season. Thousands died the year before, and the year before that. Yet, no one was panicking.

"There is a disconnect in how we are approaching one condition over the other," Galati said, adding that's the most troubling aspect about what has been happening.

Galati says the disconnect has led to panic, which is why you're having trouble finding hand sanitizer in any supermarket.

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