Mainstream media plays its usual games coronavirus hype

In their never ending quest to take down President Trump, the mainstream media is back to their usual tricks. But this time it involves something that can make you sick.

The media is trying to make COVID-19 about Trump. That's why you've seen headlines like the New York Times calling this the Trump virus. Brian Joondeph with the American Thinker says he's not surprised what the games the media is playing.

"There's an election coming up," Joondeph explained. "Everything they've tried to damage the President has failed; from Russian collusion, Mueller, Ukraine, Stormy Daniels; you name it.

But these circumstances are real. They are creating panic, and people could die.

"I hate to say it, but the more people that day the better it is for those that want to damage Trump," Joondeph stated.

Even though when you look at the numbers, like death rate, it doesn't compare to things like H1N1 or SARS.

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