Choose: More Money or Your Pet at Work

Choose one: a bonus, more vacation or to be able to bring your pet to work.

It's trendy to have a pet-friendly workplace. Almost half of job seekers surveyed by zip-recruiter said they would prefer it to a cash bonus, free snacks or more vacation time. Business Culture expert Cheri Perry's own business does not allow pets in the work space because not everyone may want it, and it might bring disruption. About the survey she says, "They are probably interviewing a younger caliber of worker. These people may not necessarily focused on how much money do I make." She has this advice for job seekers: "When you're looking for work - ask those kind of questions. Make sure you're going to work for places that have extra perks like taking your pet to work that you would really like." Or not like, as the case may be.

Other findings of the survey:

10% of the survey's employers said they believed their company would be pet-friendly in the next five years.

30% of job seekers said it was very important or somewhat important to them that their employer allow pets in the workplace.

free snacks (41 %)

catered meals (30 %)

employee discounts (18%)

1% of their gross salary (7%)

performance bonus (3%)

Dog working comfortably from home

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