Medical Staff to Quarantine

Eleven health care workers, who were in direct contact with a patient confirmed positive for COVID-19, have been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days..Saturday afternoon (3-7-2020) Memorial Hermann Hospital System officials say there are three who are showing symptoms of the disease. Dr. Angela Shippy explains the necessity and details for the self-quarantine.

“There’s nothing more important that our staff be well taken care of. That they have the information that they need. As it stands now, they have all been tested, their labs are being sent off so that we can find out if they have truly been exposed."

Dr. John Butler said the patient had been traveling in Egypt and their test came back positive Friday (3-6-2020).. Information about which Memorial Hermann location treated the patient was not released out of concerns for public panic.

Close-Up Of Doctors Stacking Hands

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