Quantum Computing Is Racing Toward Us

The world has changed but most people haven’t noticed. Quantum computing is being developed by tech giants in the U.S. racing against Chinese computer developers for global supremacy in a new form of computing that will change everything.

“It’s going to make today’s computers seem like a snail compared to a cheetah,” says Parham Eftekhari, Executive Director of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a cyber-security think tank. He says the nation that grabs the golden ring will control the world, because the new technology will render all current security methods of encryption, the kind’s military's and financial markets rely on, moot. “They’re going to be working hundreds of time faster, and what it means is that we’re going to have a completely new set of products.”

Expect everything in the world of computing to change within the next ten to fifteen years as the 0’s and 1’s that have been the basis of current computers is eliminated and replaced by something much, much faster. Four years ago IBM took quantum computing into the Cloud and there is no looking back as automakers, airlines, finance and industry integrate super-fast artificial intelligence capabilities into redesigning how the world operates. “It’s going to allow us to develop new, cheaper drugs, completely different kinds of materials that will be used everywhere, and so it absolutely will revolutionize and change virtually every aspect of our lives,” says Eftekhari.

And you thought your smart phone had changed the way you lived?Hold that thought.

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