Big tech may influence the election come November

Big tech has been accused for a long time of being biased against conservatives, and that could influence the election in November.

The way they do it, according to the experts, is to influence the 30% of people are are either independent voters, or undecided voters. Former White House speechwriter Michael Johns says if conservatives want to blame anyone, they should blame themselves.

"We allowed them to develop this monopolistic power over such an influential medium," Johns said. "Why have conservatives not been involved more assertively in developing their own outlets?"

The only way you can deal with this now, Johns says, is regulation.

"They then need to assume liability for all of the content that they are publishing that they are now exempted from under current regulatory policy," Johns stated.

Because big tech has been skirting this for years by saying they are platforms and not publishers, even though their bias is clear

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