Imagine a computer world with no passwords

Many of us dream of a day where we don't have to remember passwords, but how and when that day happens is up in the air.

Computer security expert Robert Siciliano says despite the existence of fingerprint readers and iris scanners, it's probably not soon.

"I would say that if and when we get rid of passwords it will be, probably, around the ten year period."

For now, Siciliano says the best security is a password manager, like LastPass.

"The problem here, is less than 10% of the public, or computer users, use a password manager."

Siciliano says the eventual answer may be to tie security to the device, rather than the user.

"I think that if we're going to move away from any form of a password, whether it's a biometric or a numeric password, then it is going to be what we call device recognition; so it is your device itself that will be the password, itself."

For now, Siciliano says fingerprint readers and iris scanners, along with password managers can make your life easier.

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