Taking Their Shot: Dem Candidates Push Gun Control

It's a presidential election year, and like clockwork Democrats are pledging more gun control if elected. Noted gun-grabbers like Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Mike Bloomberg are out of the race, but the two remaining front runners have their eye on your gun rights as well. Sen. Bernie Sanders regularly brags about taking on the NRA and the "gun lobby," while former Vice President Joe Biden brags about going after gun manufacturers. This week, Biden took it a step further when he picked up the endorsement of gun confiscation advocate Beto O'Rourke, and vowed to put O'Rourke in charge of his gun control efforts.

President Donald Trump has been accused of exaggeration in the past when he said Democrats want to do away with the Second Amendment, but he may not be far off based on the rhetoric of those like O'Rourke, who bragged "Hell yes, we're gonna take away your AR-15" during a debate last year. David Amad, Vice President of Open Carry Texas, says Dems should take a hint from the massive gun rights rally in Virginia earlier this year. "The bottom line is a couple of infantry divisions' worth of American patriots showed up and brought their guns," he tells KTRH. "And the point of that was to send a message to the government---no, you will not."

That rally in Virginia was in response to the new Democratic state leadership there pushing a package of gun control laws, which could be a bellwether of what would happen if Dems take the White House and the Senate this fall. "We have had laws against murder since before the country was founded...has that law stopped murder? Of course not," says Amad. "So what makes them think that the passage of some gun control law is going to magically make people with bad intentions just not carry out their bad deeds?"

Elections have consequences, as the saying goes. But Amad warns that Democrats don't understand the opposition they're facing on this issue. "I don't care how many elections the gun-haters win, I don't care how many laws they pass," he says. "I will never give up my guns."

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