A study criticizing ride sharing doesn't say what it's really after

A study claims ride sharing services Uber and Lyft cause 70% more pollution than they replace. But critics say the study is bogus, too.

Global warming skeptic Marc Morano of climatedepot.com says the study by the Union of Concerned Scientists isn't honest about what they really want.

"The agenda is to steer people away from private car ownership and from ride sharing; they'd rather they bike and walk and that's actually in the study itself."

Morano says the media is helping the activists at the UCS.

"The related articles when they do this is -quote- see also "no one should ever buy a car again -- here's why." I mean, this is the kind of agenda they have."

Morano says the activists want publicly-owned electric cars on the road, but that won't save as much in emissions as they claim.

"The idea that they would promote electric vehicles as the savior here with emissions makes no sense when electric vehicles themselves are being charged chiefly from fossil fuels, depending on where your local grid is."

Morano says the study ignores environmental factors in favor of ride sharing, like the number of people who choose not to buy cars because they use ride sharing.

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