What's New at the Rodeo?

We've had the parade and the BBQ Cook-off, so it's time to Rodeo in Houston!

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo President and CEO of the Joel Cowley talks about what's new this year --- including the Social Spur. ""It's a Social media hub where people can sit down, lounge, re-fill their water bottles. There's music, video screens, and that's where people can check in to a new game called Rodeo Rally!" There are prizes involved with the game." There's a rodeo app and new photo op locations. And some talented dogs.

"We have Extreme Dogs this year. They are rescue dogs that have been trained to perform agility trials and do tricks. And they Dock Dive (where they run and jump for length off a long dock into water). It's all entertaining - and they also promote animal rescue. It's a great show."

Agventure has some new fun activities. "We have a balloon sculpture. The artist will be building on to it throughout the show - so it will grow. People who come more than once will be amazed!" Agventure also has an active aviary this year. You can buy a seed stick and parakeets flying around will land on the stick and eat from it."

New carnival rides and food vendors - and there are still concert tickets available for half of the shows.

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