Democrats risk burning down party over Sanders, and that's fine with them

Democrats are so afraid of Bernie winning the party's nomination, they risk burning down the party, and they seem fine with doing that.

Superdelegates are reportedly talking about taking the nomination away from Sanders. Former Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lane Lewis can't believe it.

"A delegate said if Sanders came in with only 60% of the delegate vote, that wasn't impressive enough for her and didn't warrant her support," Lewis said, adding that this makes no sense.

"Seventy years ago, a lot of the ideas Senator Sanders is talking about would have been considered Democratic ideas. Now they are being labeled Democratic socialist ideas," he stated.

Brian Joondeph at the American Thinker says whether Bernie wins or loses, the outcome is the same.

"This is really a mess for them," Joondeph explained. "Whether Sanders wins or loses the party gets burned down.

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