2020 Dems not releasing full medical records

The Democrats running for President haven't been completely forthcoming as it concerns their medical records.

Bernie Sanders had a heart attack last year, which he didn't disclose right away, and you're getting summaries instead of full medical reports, which doesn't sit well with Robert Charles at the Association of Mature American Citizens.

"The release of records is extremely important. We know there are conditions that are chronic," Charles said.

Charles is also concerned with Joe Biden's forgetfulness. And even though 70 is the new 50, Charles says common sense has to be taken into account.

"After a certain age, there are things that people need to get diagnostically. If you're going to run for high office, you need to let your constituents know,"Charles explained.

Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren are also over 70. President Trump also didn't release his full medical records when he ran in 2016. The mainstream media raised concerns then, but they aren't doing that now.

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