Axios: Deep State hit list being compiled; mainstream media freaks out

The mainstream media is having another freakout, and it's because the President has apparently targeted the Deep State.

This week's outrage is based on the Axios report that allies of the President have a list of people disloyal to the President that should be fired. The President hasn't denied it, and Republican strategist Luke Macias says this is something any boss would do.

"CEO's say there are a lot of people that are undermining me and the company. Therefore they will be relieved of their duties," Macias said.

Which in this case started happening once the President was acquitted in his impeachment trial. But it's this week's mainstream media outrage.

"These outlets continue to not report facts, and instead try to use their platforms to undermine the President of the United States," Macias explained.

And it's why Macias says more people are turning off the mainstream media and finding other conservative outlets

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