Analysts: Bernie still the frontrunner after feisty debate

Democrats came out attacking Bernie Sanders, as expected, but the Democratic frontrunner weathered the storm in last night's debate in South Carolina.

KTRH spoke with a pair of analysts after the debate last night. Cary Cheshire with Texans for Fiscal Responsibility says Sanders left the stage unscathed.

"I didn't see any shots that really landed. I don't think he is any more damaged," Cheshire stated.

Matt Angle at the Lone Star Project agreed, and blamed the moderators.

"Bernie still gets a little bit of a pass, particularly from the moderators. I thought he got some softball questions," Angle explained, adding he thought Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg had good nights.

"Biden was strong, and pushed hard against Bernie on several occasions. Bloomberg recovered from the very shaky start he had the first time, and came across as the confident and capable Mayor of New York," Angle explained.

But Cheshire says the real winner was President Trump.

"I'm very excited that Donald Trump seems well on his way to being re-elected. I think you saw Democrats pursue a lot of infighting," Cheshire stated.

The next debate is scheduled for March 15th in Phoenix Arizona.

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