Bloomberg Campaign Attacks Bernie Over Orgasms, Rape Fantasies & Naked Kids

Bloomberg campaign adviser Tim O'Brien appeared on CNN this morning and went after Bernie Sanders past writing.

O’Brien said “we have a candidate who has risen in the polls because of this track record. Bernie has loopy stuff in his background, saying women get cancer from having too many orgasms or toddlers should run around naked and touch each other’s genitals to insulate themselves from porn?”

O’Brien asked why the “loony side of Bernie” has been discussed in detail.

Mediaite points out that Bernie published an essay decades ago, recently dug up by Mother Jones, that reads:

“Now, if children go around naked, they are liable to see each others sexual organs, and maybe even touch them. Terrible thing! If we [raise] children up like this it will probably ruin the whole pornography business, not to mention the large segment of the general economy which makes its money by playing on people’s sexual frustrations.”

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