Over indulge in Your 20s - Liver Disease in Your 30s

Doctors are seeing more and more people in their 20s and 30s with liver disorders. Americans in their teens and 20s are drinking more and worrying about it less.Liver expert Dr. Joe Galati says over-imbibing when you're young can kill you later. "We have a young people who drink a lot of alcohol and not quite connecting the dots that this is impacting on their health and wellness. Fast forward 10 years when they're in their late twenties or thirties, and they present their doctor with cirrhosis - and more important, they are dying from it! Chronic liver disease with interrupt your livelihood, your family, and it's a horrible way to live your life." :

He says Uber isn't helping either. "I'm going out --- I'm going to a party. I need to control the amount of alcohol I drink to get home safely. But with Uber, you have much more of a license to over-indulge and then have a ride home."

No family history of liver disease doesn't mean you're safe - especially if you have had a period of excessive drinking. You can hear Dr. Galati every Sunday evening on Your Health First on KTRH.

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