Just how much is changing in Texas politics changing?

The 2018 midterms started the 'Texas turning blue' talk. The 2020 election will really put that to the test.

Jim Henson at U-T says this is due to years of changing Texas demographics.

"That Hispanic population is younger. We are seeing that begin to manifest itself in statewide elections," Henson said.

Andy Hogue with the Travis County Republican Party says the Texas flipping talk is just wishful thinking.

"You have a lot of machinery that wants this to happen," Hogue explained. "We have academia that really wants Texas to flip. We have mainstream media that wants Texas to flip."

And even though polls suggest this is a possibility, Hogue says polls and votes are different.

"The only polls that really matter are the polls at the polling sites. And based on that Democrats have a lot of ground to gain in a very short time," Hogue stated.

Proof of that is Gary Gates' special election win in January, which happened despite money coming from national Democrats, and endorsements of his opponent by Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Production crew workers Faith Schexnayder (L) and

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