Bernie has a target on him as Dems debate tonight in South Carolina

Seven Democrats take the stage tonight for a debate in South Carolina, just days before voters there go to the polls in Saturday's primary.

Last week, everyone's target was Mike Bloomberg. Political consultant Joe Brettell says this week's target will be Bernie Sanders.

"I would watch for people to right at Bernie Sanders. You're going to hear a lot about his support of Fidel Castro and Cuba; his support of the USSR," Brettell said.

As for Bloomberg, he can only get better after last week's disastrous performance in his debate debut, which was something the President took notice of during one of the rallies he held last week.

"I spend 70 million. Mini-Mike so far has spend 500 million dollars just to get embarrassed," Trump told supporters.

One of the issues that has been conspicuous by its relative absence has been illegal immigration. Just one question was asked about it last week. That fact has led some to say the Democrats have been getting a free pass on the issue by the moderators and mainstream media. Brettell says there's a reason for that.

"They are all aware they have to face a formidable Donald Trump after the primaries. In states that are crucial, immigration is a highly charged issue," Brettell explained.

Besides Sanders and Bloomberg, the debaters tonight will be Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer, and Elizabeth Warren.

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