Threats to the Astros Just Keep on Coming

Much of the baseball world still sees the Houston Astros as the enemy of the game. The sign stealing scheme has become a scandal that has caused many so-called baseball "fans" to threaten the players via social media. Many say the Astros may face retaliation from opposing players and angry fans. Before the official season starts there are a number people sending threats to players involved in the scandal

Out fielder Josh Reddick says that he has seen threats against his family like "I will kill your family" and "I hope your kids get cancer." He says he's not the only Astro to get such threats.

According to Carlos Correa, Reddick along with Jose Altuve both didn't want to join in the scheme and was angry if he heard a trash can bang while he was at bat.

At the beginning of Saturday's first pre-season game when the teams were announced, the Astros received a resounging loud BOOOOOOO. The game was canceled very early in the game due to weather.

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