Some states are using the S word again

While it may seem like a crazy idea, momentum is growing in at least five states to leave the Union. Conservatives are growing weary of their state's politics being dominated by leftists in urban areas.

George Mason University Professor F.H. Buckley told C-SPAN the media's intolerance for anything that doesn't please the Democratic Party is getting hard to swallow.

"Well, every morning the Washington Post arrives on my doorstep and it seems to me like a fresh argument for secession; it just drips with contempt for the other side, there's a lot of that."

Concerned Texan Michael Wilson says even if much of the rest of the nation turns blue, red Texas should stay in the Union.

"That's part of what makes our country special is we have diversity of ideas, so, I don't think it's a good idea to fracture the country."

California, Illinois, New York, Oregon and Virginia are the states where the current secessionist talk is being heard.

Professor Buckley says he understands the desire to secede.

"When half the country thinks the other half is deplorable you have to wonder, why should they be in the same country?"

Conservatives in those states are drowning in rules made by legislatures increasingly controlled by liberal big cities.

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