Harris County bail reform needs to be reformed

In Harris County, bail reform has led to violent criminals getting out on low bail or bond, and committing more violent crimes.

This was the reform that was put into action a year ago. This came after Democrats swept the county judicial elections in 2018. Long time bail bondsman John Burns says pre-trial release bonds are one issue; General Order Bonds are another.

"It's set by the misdemeanor judges at $100. The bond does not consider the criminal defendant accused and his or her prior background," Burns said.

Burns also says several felony district court judges give everyone pre-trial release bonds, which State Senator John Whitmire doesn't like.

"It should be on a case by case base. It ought to be be risk assessment. I don't care if it's a misdemeanor or a felony," Whitmire told KTRH News.

Burns says you have the power to stop this.

"There's no legislation that con stop policy making other than the elections. People would have to vote the politicians out of office that are supporting this," Burns explained.

Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis supported this plan. He is running for re-election, as is DA Kim Ogg.

Bail bond. Corruption. Gavel, handcuffs and money.

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