Rodeo Trail Riders Start This Weekend

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo begins March 3, but the first step towards the event kicks off this weekend as two-thousand trail riders pack up their mounts, load the wagons and gather the mules.

There are twelve rides in this beloved Texas tradition that began by four men on horseback departing Brenham in 1952.Within two years 800 people had signed up to participate.

“I enjoy the cowboy way of life, being around the animals,” says Cliff Wilson, a former Trail Boss who still rides. “The camaraderie of the group of people as we work together to uphold the western heritage of wagons and horses and mules.”

The riders will cover 1,300 miles collectively, those coming from San Antonio having the longest ride at almost 240 miles. Each will be managed by a Trail Boss who ensures the safety of everyone and everything.

Why do they do it?“We love supporting youth education.Those type of things are very important to us.We stop by a number of schools on our way, to talk to the kids and wave at them,” says Wilson.

Many of the animals are rescues.Not all participants are kin, but Wilson says it just feels like it.

The trail riders will pull into Memorial Park next Friday.The downtown Houston Rodeo Parade will be that Saturday.

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