DHS waives contracting laws to speed up border wall construction

The Trump administration is waiving a set of laws on how the Department of Homeland Security can work with federal contractors in an effort to build the border wall faster.

Jessica Vaughan with Center for Immigration Studies said Congress, specifically, has allowed the Department of Homeland Security to have a streamlined process for the border security construction projects. Border Patrol will oversee with integrity and good judgement, and not allow border security to be bogged down with political or emotional attacks.

Vaughan said it's crucial the president keep Texans and all Americans safe.

"We're getting drugs pouring over that border and spreading across the country. People are still trying to come across illegally. The smugglers are making millions of dollars a year in this illicit trade and it has to be stopped," said Vaughan.

She's confident any challenges or lawsuits will get dismissed by federal courts promptly.

Democrats, like president-wannabe, Elizabeth Warren are critical of the move.

Vaughan said in the past there's been bipartisan support for better infrastructure at the border and funding it to stop illegal entry into the US.

"But, this is a different time where everything that President Trump does is getting attacked for political reasons, especially in an election year," said Vaughan.

The wall sections to which the waiver applies will be built in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas for a total of 177 miles of wall.

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