Could illegal voting turn Texas blue?

The Texas primary is part of Super Tuesday on March 3rd. There are concerns illegal voting could turn Texas blue.

There are multiple ways this could happen. Absentee balloting has been problematic in the past, something Christian Adams with the Public Interest Legal Foundation says he's looked into when he was part of the Justice Department.

"These cases are almost impossible to crack. You have to go into neighborhoods. You have to get people to talk, and remember, they're scared in the first place," Adams explained.

And then there are the voter rolls. Who is voting, and are they legally allowed to vote?

"They (illegals) are getting on the voter rolls across Texas. This is almost certainly leading to more illegal votes than any other category of votes in the state," Adams said.

Which is why he has sued Harris County for voter roll information. One million mail-in ballot applications were sent out last month by the Texas Democratic Party.


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