Bloomberg hasn't released his taxes; where's the outrage from the left?

There's a double standard when it comes to the left and Mike Bloomberg.

When Mitt Romney didn't release all of his records in 2012, Democrats and the mainstream media let him have it. In 2016, when then candidate Donald Trump refused to release his taxes they screamed bloody murder. But Mike Bloomberg hasn't released his financials yet, either.

In other words, he hasn't publicly come out to say what he is worth. But no one has complained. Charles Blain at Urban Reform says that's not fair.

"Just a handful of years ago, they made this such a big deal. Now they want to push it aside," Blain stated.

They're hoping it goes away. But Blain says that might be a problem if Bloomberg wins the Democratic nomination.

"Unlike Trump, he has held public office. He might be concerned about what might come out; that he benefited from being in public office. I think it's a bigger risk for him," Blain explained.

The Federal Elections Commission has given Bloomberg until March 20th to disclose his finances. That's after voters in more than half the states have voted in Democratic primaries.

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