Be prepared and be in the know when filing for Social Security benefits

If you're apply for Social Security benefits this year there's a lot that could go wrong.

One major trap is Social Security customer service representatives will only answer questions they can, they won't give advice.

Filing for benefits before the full retirement age (FRA) and continue to work, should know there are special earnings limitation.

Medicare advocate Toni King told Fox News in Houston to pay special attention to what is your full retirement age (FRA). It makes a big difference if someone is retiring, or will continue to work while getting their Social Security benefits.

"If you're still working and you're getting your Social Security check, you better make sure your income is not more than what you're supposed to be making or you're going to have to pay back," said King.

She said you can only earn $48,000 a year if you continue to work. Also, if a person works and is younger than full retirement age and makes more than $18,000 a year, they have to pay one dollar for every two dollars back--they cannot get their Social Security check.

King said people should talk to a CPA.

"If you're making too much money, it could effect it, your capital gains, turning in your IRA," said King.

Don't get caught unprepared for how taxes are impacted, if you're filing for Social Security benefits this year. You'll want to consider all sources of income in retirement.

Juanita Jimenez-Soto with AARP Houston said people don't plan accordingly.

"What they don't know is that claiming Social Security as soon as you can, which is age 62, it's been linked to old age poverty," said Jimenez-Soto.

She said the longer you wait to claim your Social Security, the more you'll get.

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