Analyst: It was a bad night for Mike Bloomberg

The ninth Democratic debate is in the books, and it lived up to the hype. There were fireworks, with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren taking shot after shot at former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Dr. Bryon Allen at WPOAi Intel says Bloomberg came out looking bad.

"Bloomberg was completely unprepared to answer the NDA issue, and the various complaints by women he has employed over the years," Allen said.

But political scientist Allan Saxe saw Bloomberg's perforamce differently. He said Bloomberg didn't crack.

"He didn't get flustered. He knew what was coming at him, and I think he answered very, very well," Saxe stated.

Because of the attention on Bloomberg, Allen says the rest of the field missed a chance to go after Bernie Sanders.

"Some of the candidates probably did themselves a disservice by focusing so much on Bloomberg and not taking out the front runner when they had airtime.

Sanders is the favorite in this weekend's Nevada Caucus. The next debate is Tuesday in South Carolina.

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