The Challenges of Mixed Political Marriages

The Democrats debated last night in Las Vegas, and for those Republicans married to Democrats, there must have been some unsettling moments of discomfort.

Either that or they departed to separate rooms.

2020 has an odd sense of déjà vu for those mixed marriages. 2016 saw a number of relationships end that couldn’t survive the chasm between supporters of different parties, and those stresses have resurfaced in a big way.

American Family took a survey in 2017 and found 82% of Democratic women say they married a Democrat while 91% of Republican women married a Republican. It was those in the margins who struggled.

According to research conducted by Tufts University political science professor Eitan Hersh, 7 in 10 couples are comprised of two people who are of the same political persuasion. Two in ten are mixed partisans, with one identifying as an Independent. Only in one of out of ten marriages will you find the bleeding, beating purple hearts.

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