Texas voters say border security is are their top issue this campaign

While Democrats openly campaign for open borders, Texas voters see the issue just a bit differently.

According to the Texas Tribune and U-T, 31% of Texas voters overall and 52% of Republicans said immigration and border security were the biggest problems facing the state. Ross Ramsey wasn't surprised at all.

"This is a pretty consistent thing on the list for Republicans. They have other things that come up from time to time like the economy or health care, but these are the top two issues," Ramsey said.

Retired ICE agent Victor Avila warns of what could happen if we don't fix the problem.

"It must be addressed starting with defeating these cartels that have basically taken over Mexico with violence that we really don't want to see come over to the United States," Avila explained.

Avila was wounded nine years ago in a cartel attack that killed his partner, Jaime Zapata was killed while Two of the assassins recently had their convictions partially vacated.

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