Lots of Millennials say they're burned out at work

More than a quarter of Millennials say they're burned out at work, but many say the little snowflakes haven't had a job long enough to get burned out.

Family counselor Lori Vann says Millennials' Baby Boom parents deserve some of the blame.

"We have made things easier with each generation without really teaching them coping skills to deal with life."

Vann says too many Millennials aren't prepared for the workplace because they get useless, expensive degrees in things like gender studies or astrobiology.

"Maybe some of things that we need to look at is when they're going into college doing more mandatory career counseling."

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, so the oldest are almost 40 now. Vann says we should require high school students to think about career paths before they graduate.

"We have students that take on majors that there's no career for them, but colleges sell degrees, so there's some responsibility-taking on that end."

In a survey, half of Millennials said they've gotten into massive student debt for a degree that didn't lead to a high-paying job.

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