Tonight's Democrat debate is the Mike Bloomberg show

The Democrats running for President hit the debate stage for the ninth time this campaign season, and they do it with buzz surrounding tonight's event in Nevada.

That's because former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has qualified for the debate. Newt Gingrich told Fox New not to write Mayor Mike off.

"Nobody should underestimate this guy. He's very professional. He's very smart," Gingrich said.

Political scientist Nathaniel Cogley at Tarleton State University says Bloomberg might mean ratings.

"Viewership has dropped off. It peaked around 27 million. Now you get debates with six or seven million viewers," Cogley stated.

But political analyst Michele Maples isn't just a ratings tool; she says he's a target.

"This debate is going to be one pile on with Bloomberg. We've already seen it with Biden going after his stop and frisk policy," she said, adding that Amy Klobuchar deserves your attention, too.

"I thought the last debate she was the only one that looked Presidential."

The other debaters tonight are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren

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