Sue Robocallers and bring home thousands!

Most of us just hang up on robocalls - but now you can easily sue them and collect thousands. British-American entrepreneur and founder of DoNotPay, Joshua Browder wants you to sue Robocallers and make up to three thousand dollars. "Robocallers will only stop when they start losing money with their calls.Christmas day of last year, I got about 4 robocalls and I thought, "Enough is enough. I need to stop this problem of robocalls." His company's latest app is Robo Revenge

"The first thing it will do is register you for the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call list which makes it illegal for these scammers to call you. And when they do call, the app generates all the paperwork necessary for you to sue them," says Browder.. And it's affordable. "Robo Revenge helps you get cash compensation for those annoying robocalls. It's actually free until you get money and then it costs $3"

The service is now available through DoNotPay’s website or app.

Drawing of Robot with Phone

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