Is Austin hostile to conservatives?

Austin is ranked the top state capitol in which to live. WalletHub says the schools are good and median income is a very high 68-grand. But what if you're not a lefty?

Republican strategist Bill Miller says being in Texas outweighs the Austin leftists.

"You're surrounded by people that are progressive or liberal or whatever you want to call 'em; but in the state itself it is bright red, so you can be very happy to be in the state."

Miller has lived in Austin since 1985 and doesn't see that changing any time soon.

"Right now it's a great place for me to live and work and I'm happy to here and I'm happy to have had an opportunity to find this place."

Miller says forget weird; Austin's reputation now should be 'expensive.' Austin is now like a Silicon Valley city.

"This community, call it weirdness, the inexpensiveness that sort of funkiness of the city is long gone. It's an expensive, high-rent, high-end city; it's no longer weird, it's just expensive."

Miller says new residents will probably have to live out of town and commute to handle Austin's high cost of living.

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