You really should know how much interest you're paying on your mortgage

A shocking 27% of mortgage holders don't know the interest rate on their current residence. Millennials know the least, but Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers should also be ashamed.

KTRH moneyman Pat Shinn says it's not a good sign.

"The report's a little troubling because for most Americans their home is by far their largest investment and of course the biggest cots is gonna be the mortgage."

Shinn says now is a good time to refinance.

"How many months do I need to go on the new loan before I break even? How many months with the lower rate does it take in order to pay off all those upfront costs? And that's the big question."

Shinn says he's in favor of requiring high school students complete a personal finance class to graduate.

"Nowhere else do you learn any of this and so I think it would be a wonderful idea; again it's a big part of the overhead for a household is what you pay for a mortgage, probably the biggest investment people will ever make."

In a survey 32% of Millennials didn't know how much they're paying, compared to 24% of Gen-Xers and 23% of Baby Boomers.

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