Early voting in Texas starts today for March 3rd primary

The Texas primary is on March third, but early voting begins today.

In Harris County, voting hours thru Friday are from 7-7. In Fort Bend County it's 8 to 7. John Oldham, the Fort Bend Election Administrator, tells KTRH they are ready for big crowds.

"We are deploying every piece of equipment we own that still works. We are expecting a heavy, heavy turnout.

Harris County Clerk Dr. Diane Trautman says they're not sure what kind of turnout to expect.

"A lot will depend on the first and second day of early voting. We're hoping it's going to be a pretty big turnout," Trautman stated.

We saw reporting problems in November in Harris County, and Oldham admits he has concerns with his system, which is older.

"We do expect to see some equipment failures which means we will have to take some machines offline," Oldham explained.

Early Voting runs through the 28th. You need photo ID to vote.

We have more information about early voting in Harris County HERE.

We have more information about early voting in Fort Bend County HERE.

Early voting

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