Mainstream media misses the big picture when it comes to 2020 race

The mainstream media has been concentrating on the Democrats when it comes to the 2020 election. They are missing the bigger picture.

Trump broke records in Iowa and New Hampshire with voter turnout. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says it's because Trump has delivered for them.

"The economy is very strong, the stock market is breaking records, and unemployment is at a 50-year low. There's a disconnect between reality and what the media reports," Mackowiak said.

Rob Astorino with the Trump 2020 Advisory Board says there is more enthusiasm for Trump than the Dems

"It's very high for Republicans, whereas Democrats are confused and split," Astorino stated.

And that thousands more go to Trump rallies than any Democrat.

"They are compiling data on everyone who is attending. 25% of the people going to Trump rallies are Democrats," Astorino explained.

At a New Hampshire rally last week Bernie Sanders drew 7,500 people. On the same night in New Hampshire, Trump had 11 thousand .

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