Letter grades for kids are being replaced by 'feel good' report cards

You are probably proud of your kids for getting straight 'A's' in school. That is, if they still get letter grades.

More schools are ditching A-F grades for a system where your child is either 'exceeding, meeting, developing, or emerging.' Education expert Jean Burk says this is extreme.

"How are you going to know your children are learning if you have no measurement? This doesn't tell you where they need to improve," Burk said.

Parenting expert Maria Luce says this doesn't help kids down the road.

"Real life doesn't really care sometimes how you feel. It cares how hard you've worked to earn this," Luce stated.

And Burk says this coincides with a political trend.

"This is socialism in disguise. This is putting everyone on the same level. I think the home schoolers have it right," Burk explained.

There's also this. California Governor Gavin Newsom is pushing to ban physical fitness tests because they lead to shaming, and they discriminate against non-binary kids.

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