When it comes to fake news, Republicans & Democrats think alike

Republicans and Democrats don't agree on much, but they do agree on fake news.

New polling from the Pew Research Center says both sides think fake news will target their party more than the other this year; with 51% of Democrats thinking fake news will hurt their side and 62% of Republicans say the same thing.Joe Concha with The Hill says he's not surprised considering what we think of the mainstream media.

"An Axios poll showed that two-thirds of news consumers in the U.S. think that real news organizations put out stories that they know are false or misleading. So that's the perception they have of real news," Concha explained.

But, Concha doesn't think any of these fake news stories will impact the election results.

"I kind of think most adults probably aren't going to change their votes as a result of some fake news story that they see about another candidate," Concha said.

82% if Democrats said they were very or somewhat concerned about fake news; 84% of Republicans said the same thing.

Fake Newspaper on Kitchen Table

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