What Are Your Night Terrors? Here’s Most People’s Worst Nightmares

Up to 85% of adults say they have the occasional nightmare, some more than others. They are said to diminish with age, but we can all be reduced to childish fear when the night terrors visit.

What are the most common nightmares?

Falling 64.7%

Being Chased 63.3%

Death 54.9%

Feeling Lost 53.8%

Feeling Trapped 52.4%

Being Attacked 49.5%

Missing Important Event 43.7%

Waking Up Late 42.5%

Sex 40.3%

Loved One Dying 35.8%

Sustaining an Injury 35.1%

Teeth Falling Out 34.3%

Natural Disaster 31.9%

Ghosts, Aliens, Paranormal 28.8%

Cheating Spouse 27.8%

Visit by Deceased 27.6%

Unprepared for Exam 27.2%

Spouse Leaving You 27.0%

Being Paralyzed 26.2%

Drowning 22.1%

Attacking Someone Else 21.4%

Being Naked in Public 21.2%

Seeing Unkown Dead People 19.8%

Body Malformation 17.8%

Killing Someone 17.2%

Losing Personal Effect 16.0%

Bugs Crawling on You 14.6%

Fire/House Burning 14.3%

The survey of 2,000 Americans was commissioned by Amerisleep.

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