More polls show positive news for President Trump

More polling is coming out that shows good news for the President in the 2020 race.

A new Monmouth University poll shows 66% think that Trump will either definitely or probably be re-elected. That doesn't surprise Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator. She says front runners Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg aren't exciting a lot of voters.

"I don't think anybody wants either of them as President. But we are such a long way away," Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie says the real problem is the damage Barrack Obama did to the party while he was President.

"It's just a mess. You don't want a situation where there is just no leadership on the other side. And that's where we are at," Mackenzie explained.

A Gallup poll says 61% of you think you are better off than you were three years ago. That's the highest number an incumbent President running for a second term has gotten since 1992.

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