It could be ET phoning home, but probably not

Canadian astronomers have detected a radio signal from half-a-billion light years away that's repeating every sixteen days. They don't think it's an alien civilization, but we may never know.

Texas UFO researcher Jane Kyle says it's fun to think about.

"They are guessing that this signal is not coming from aliens, but they can't 100% rule it out."

Kyle says it's probably the rotation of star in a faraway galaxy.

"Like there might be a star rotating around a black hole, which is mind-blowing to even think about what means."

Scientists at MIT say it's very unlikely aliens would produce a signal like the 'fast radio bursts' detected every sixteen days. But Kyle says they can’t.

"They're trying to understand the origin of it and they still don't really understand; so for all MIT knows and we know this could be a large, artificial event."

Scientists at MIT insist it's very unlikely aliens could produce the energy need to create a signal like this.

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