Trump targeting sanctuary cities; are Texas cities in the crosshairs?

The President is focusing on an issue that hits home for many Texans; sanctuary cities.

Lawsuits have been filed against sanctuary city policies in New Jersey and Washington State. We asked Breitbart's Bob Price if Houston should be worried.

"ICE agents are still in the jail helping process these migrants that are being arrested. No one is being let go like you see in New York. Austin needs to be looked at. Dallas needs to be looked at; especially when you have openly confronted this and said they would not cooperate," Price explained.

Price says the actions taken this week by the Department of Justice were necessary.

"It's an important issue for national security interests," Price stated.

Attorney General William Barr says the moves made this week are about your safety.

"The very purpose of the sanctuary policies is to release criminals on to the streets," Barr said.

Immigration officials have sent subpoenas to New York City looking for information on immigrants about to be released from jail.

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