More good news from the border

Border apprehensions declined for an eighth consecutive month; it appears President Trump's immigration policies are working.

Chris Cabrera is vice president of the National Border Patrol Council. He credits the President's policies in getting Mexico to become a law enforcement partner.

"I've seen it first-hand, been up in the helicopters, we've seen the troops massing on their northern border and they're really slowing the flow of what's coming across."

Cabrera says if only the Trump-hating House would help.

"The only thing we're not doing is getting the help from Congress; once they get on board and start doing their job I think things will start to become permanent, right now nothing is permanent."

Cabrera says there's no doubt the President's policies are working.

"The policies that he's put in place have worked down on the river and we're seeing a huge turnaround as far as how many people are coming in and the claims and different scenarios, so it's working very well."

President Trump has vowed to crack down on sanctuary cities and states that are violating immigration laws.

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