Republicans trying to sway Black voters from Democrats

Democrats have always relied on the African American vote.

Black voters have been the Democrats most loyal constituents. Even though Trump has done more for African Americans than Obama did, Trump is a tough sell to them.

Rice University political science professor Mark Jones said any votes that could take from Democrats would be significant.

"If Donald Trump is able to simply increase his support among African Americans from 10 percent to 20 percent, that could be the difference between victory and defeat in key battleground states likeOhio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin," said Jones.

He said Democrats start out expecting to win at least 90 percent of the African American vote.

"If Donald Trump can even to that margin, even if by only a little bit, that could be the difference in some of these very tight, very close battleground states," said Jones.

He said Black men are more likely to vote for Trump than Black women.

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